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Hostelspace offers a unique search on facilities and prices system with maps of the listings.

You can find out what is close to the place you stay. Food and drink, museums, nightlife, popular places and much more to go to in a few clicks. Just check out what we have to offer on the cities below.


Search on facilities

When you want to book a place it is always a hassle to find the right one. It is not easy to find a place right away. But now you can search on facilities and prices. Just tick the boxes with the facilities and prices you are looking for and your choice will be focussed on the places you want. The search is not limited to accommodation, you can search for places to eat on price and kitchen, look up nightlife based on what they have to offer. Just check it out in our cities below.

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If you own a place or think that a place would be in our cities, you can add this to our listings.

It is easy to do, you just make an account and start adding your place or share your favourite places.

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